About Us


The Fellowship of the Phoenix is a Queer neopagan tradition and non-profit organization serving the unique needs of our LGBTQIA community. We are an evolving tradition with roots in the Neopagan religious movement.

We seek to encourage and reclaim Queer power, healing, and spirit, for the individual and the community at large. We offer spiritual guidance to the modern needs of those we serve. We work to unite the ancient and the modern in a structure that honors the diverse membership of our community as we walk this labyrinth together.


Our focus is on the encouragement and nurturing of Queer power, Queer healing, and Queer spirit. We do this in service of three interconnected ideals – Activism, Outreach, and Education. Together, these concepts provide a channel for compassion and guidelines for responsible action. By maintaining our focus on these three ideas we stay true to our purpose and support our community.


We offer community rituals to both the open community and our own Fellowship of queer individuals. These rituals are offered throughout the year, typically on a date close to the modern Neopagan sabbats. For more information on our rituals, please read our Ritual FAQs.

Workshops, Classes, and Trainings

Our educational offerings are held throughout the year, and may be open to different populations depending on the topic being offered. We present a Novitiate Curriculum for those new to the Fellowship, and which stands as part of the requirement for membership to our order.

Publications and Solitary Resources

The gods and spirits of our Fellowship are present in the hearts of all queer folk. Knowing that our public group rituals cannot serve the entire community, we are continuing to work towards supporting those who which to engage with these spirits in their own homes and in their own time. For more resources, please see our guide on how to practice.