Rev. George Marshall

Clergyperson, Elder Herald

Federal Way, WA

Pronouns: they/them

Member Since: 2006

Hi there! I’m a queer, non-binary witch, teacher, and clergyperson. I grew up in Flint, MI before moving to Chicago soon after high school and then to the Pacific Northwest in 2016. Neopaganism, magic, and spirituality have been a significant part of my life since childhood and I’ve been active in our communities for nearly 20 years. The core of my work has always been encouraging the growth of our collective mythography, cosmology, and practical philosophy. 

I’m proud to be a part of an organization that specifically services the LGBTQ community. As a member of that community and through my work in the Fellowship I’ve seen first hand the deep impact that an affirming, supportive religious community has on queer individuals. Most of us carry varying degrees of religious-induced scarring from our pasts and have very real anxieties regarding our futures. We’re beginning to see backsliding in the queer-related social progress our society has made in the past few years. A big part of my calling as a clergyperson is helping people to claim and maintain personal power in the face of these fears, to reorient themselves in their world so that they may continue to find and experience divinity and hold on to hope.

Other interests include gardening, food, and spending as much time as I can with my dog Rumple. For paid work I’ve done everything from clinical massage therapy to human resources administration with so much more in between. Currently I work as a contractor in quality assurance.

What drew you to the Fellowship as a seeker?

I was still a teenager – just 18 years old when I attended my first ritual. I stumbled on the organization online and was increasingly enamored the further I read; I booked a train ticket to Chicago soon after that to attend a summer solstice ritual. I still remember that first ritual – the excitement and awe of experiencing a Neopagan ritual that spoke to every part of me, where every part of myself felt seen and accepted. I asked for an application that same evening and ended up moving to Chicago in early November of the same year.

Please note that Seattle's Ecstasis ritual, scheduled for 10/1/22, has been cancelled due to a problem with the event space. We apologize for the inconvenience.