Ritual FAQ


Who is invited?

Our rituals are open to members of the LGBTQ community aged 18 and over. Some of our rituals, however, are open to anyone over 18 regardless of gender or orientation. Check the information on an individual event to be certain.

What should I expect?

The ritual content and form may vary, but the typical ritual will involve some representation of the Brotherhood cosmology, including key symbols and stories, as well as a message from the god of the season. The rituals often involve chanting and free-form celebratory dance. Rituals are typically followed by a potluck feast and social time.

What should I bring/how should I dress? Will the ritual be skyclad?

The dress code is always whatever makes you feel sacred/holy/sexy/powerful. Some attendees will be in full ritual garb, some will be in street clothes. Both expressions are completely appropriate. We do, however, require dress of some sort – our rituals are never skyclad.

Will the ritual be accessible?

We are dedicated to working to make our events accessible to anyone wishing to attend. Making sure that our spaces are wheelchair accessible and that we have a quiet space for all who need it are always priorities, but we’d like to hear from you about other aspects of accessibility that are important for your experience. Please don’t be afraid to e-mail us at info@botp.org to discuss how we can accommodate specific needs.

For those with fragrance sensitivities: Please be aware that alll of our rituals involve the use of both smudge smoke and incense, and sometimes the use of essential oil blends. You may always decline being smudged or anointed with oil, but please be aware that these things will be used in the space.

We also use clear labeling on all of our potluck foods to denote common allergens or triggers.

Will there be alcohol or other substances?

We do not use or allow alcohol or any other controlled substances at our events.

What should I bring to potluck?

Something tasty! It’s always nice to have something home-cooked, but that’s not an expectation. Bring whatever you can manage – from drinks or desserts to fabulous feasting dishes. Consider bringing foods that can be shared with people who have food sensitivities.

No one will be turned away from potluck for lack of an offering – there’s always more than enough to go around.