Get Involved


Membership in the Fellowship of the Phoenix is a commitment to the work of our Order as much as it is joining in community. There is an application process, and is only available to those who have the ability to visit one of our Temples on at least an occasional basis. For more information on membership in our Order, as well as how new Temples are potentially started, please click here.

Personal Practice

We are committed to making the teachings of our tradition available to queer people everywhere regardless of their proximity to one of our Temples, or their ability to join us as full members. We have collected some resources together to help guide you through the beginnings of a personal practice with our Queer Deities and spirits. There are many paths to the Divine – nothing that we offer is meant to be exclusionary or prescriptive.

For more information on working with our tradition in your own practice, please click here. This information is in its formative stages and we are working hard to expand on it.

Group Devotion

If you know even one more person in your local area that wishes to explore our tradition with you, then that practice will be necessarily different. We have some ideas and rituals for how to work outside of a Temple as a small group of like-minded Seekers.

For more information on that type of group work, please reach out to us. As above, this information is in its formative stages and we are working hard to expand on it.

Donate & Volunteer

We can always use help to further our mission! Click here to find out how you might contribute.