Temples and Membership

Membership & How to Join

Becoming a member of our Order is a commitment that takes approximately one year. Precise requirements for application can differ slightly between the two Temples, but the general things we require before supplying an application for membership are:

  • The successful completion of our novitiate training program
  • Attendance of at least three (3) public holiday rituals with one of our Temples
  • Demonstrated commitment to the work of our Order

We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, education or income level, physical or mental ability, race, citizenship, status, ethnicity, religion, or age, with the exception that membership is only available to adults 18 years or older.

Membership to the Fellowship of the Phoenix should be taken as a serious decision – a lifetime commitment to our work and values. Membership is a joy and a responsibility – the deeper bonds of community and spirit that we form through committed membership are irreplaceable. We offer our members private curricula and deeper training in our mysteries. With that connection and training is the responsibility to contribute to the work of the Temple and the Order as a whole. We offer numerous paths through which to accomplish that work – a member need only commit and follow through.

Forming a New Temple

The creation of a new Temple is a rare thing, and a new experience for our organization. Each Temple is a separate entity with its own community, landscape, and internal procedures. They aren’t franchises or cookie-cutter organizations, and so the process of creating a new Temple is likely to be unique to the circumstances of that Temple.

The requirements for the creation of a new Temple are actually quite simple and are outlined in our Constitution. The most pertinent requirement is that at least one of the seven people needed to form the Temple is already a Member and has gone through sufficient training to be familiar with our mysteries and practices. Because most of our members are centered around our existing locations, new Temples are slow to spread.

With this in mind, we are committed to helping groups of Seekers in other areas to form devotional groups that can offer the  group practice and community that a Temple can offer. If you are a group of people interested in that work, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you have any questions about membership or forming a new Temple, please contact info@fellowshipofthephoenix.org.