Out of the Flames: A Devotional Anthology to the Queer God

This is the first in what we hope to be many installments of such a work. We hope that you enjoy it. If you do, please consider giving a small donation. If you would like to inquire about receiving the printed version of this chapbook, please e-mail George.

It’s a small PDF perfect for e-readers or tablets, and should be readable on most phones as well. Visit us on Facebook to let us know what you think!

Out of the Flames Online Chapbook

Eight-Fold God Prayer Candle Templates

The following PDFs are meant to be printed on full sheet label stock, cut out, and used to make 7-day prayer candles for the eight faces of the Queer God. They can also be printed on normal printer paper and simply taped to the outside of an appropriately colored candle. The candles may then be used in spellwork to fulfill a particular request, or in your devotional work to the Queer God.