Anthony Rella is a witch, writer, and psychotherapist in Seattle, Washington. He has studied and practiced witchcraft since starting in the Reclaiming tradition in 2005, and joined the Fellowship’s Chicago Temple in 2008. He is a teacher for Morningstar Mystery School, created by T. Thorn Coyle. He is a founding member of the Seattle Temple and has been honored to serve as both Guardian and Scribe since its inception.

What drew you to the Fellowship as a seeker?

I appreciated the structure and organization of the Fellowship’s Temple, and was curious about being in a supportive community that is explicitly queer-centered.

What does being a member of the Fellowship mean to you?

It connects me to a community of people with similar values and a shared spiritual context to support our individual and collective transformation into our bright, powerful selves.

Describe the Fellowship in your own words.

The Fellowship is a queer-centered spiritual community with a shared cosmology that supports us in being of service to ourselves, each other, and the larger communities in which we live and work.

Please note that Seattle's Ecstasis ritual, scheduled for 10/1/22, has been cancelled due to a problem with the event space. We apologize for the inconvenience.