B.A. Davis-Howe


Urbana, IL

Pronouns: They/them

I am one person who is bi-sexual, third-gender, four-eyed, and poly-religious. 😉

I’m a non-binary witch in my mid-fifties on the autistic spectrum. I started exploring magic in high school and committed to the Craft in 1987.

My core religious orientation is esoteric mystic polytheist. My primary religious practice is a non-Wiccan form of modern pagan witchcraft (ContraryWise Craft), with admixtures of ceremonial magic, druidry, and devotional polytheism, plus various other influences. Besides being involved in the Chicago Temple of the Fellowship, I’m also active in the local Episcopal church (Christian).

I currently maintain shrine space for: Dionysos, Ariadne, the Queer Divine, and various spirits of the Fellowship; Hekate, Hermes, and my ancestors; Mathonwy; Gwydion; Jesus; and Eshu.

What drew you to the Fellowship as a seeker?

I’ve led public rituals, so I know how very hard it is to create and lead an effective public ritual. From my first experience in 2007, I’ve been impressed and moved by the Fellowship’s rituals. Over those years, I’ve watched the liturgy evolve from a synthesis of multiple traditions into something unique to the Fellowship.

What does being a member of the Fellowship mean to you?

In most settings, I feel like only parts of my self are fully welcomed and understood. Being able to enter into sacred space that is both pagan and queer is a gift that brings me joy and nourishes my whole self.

Describe the Fellowship in your own words.

For me, the Fellowship offers the unique opportunity to share spiritual experiences with other queer pagans. Those commonalities creates a safe space where I can be deeply open—even with complete strangers! Most of my ritual background has been small covens, so it’s been expanding to participate in ritual in a larger community. I’m grateful for all the people who’ve cocreated this amazing community.

Please note that Seattle's Ecstasis ritual, scheduled for 10/1/22, has been cancelled due to a problem with the event space. We apologize for the inconvenience.