rev theo geer

Elder Magister (President of the Board of Trustees), Clergyperson

Chicago, IL

Pronouns: they/them

Member Since: 2005

seeking to make space for queer folks to become themselves

I believe that every person has their own light within. Their own truth. Our job as an organization is to create space where queer folks can discover their truth. Where we can be supported as we explore. Where we can find the gifts that the divine share with us in ourselves, and in the people around us.

What drew you to the Fellowship originally?

The short answer is that I was lonely. I didn’t realize I was queer until my early twenties. I didn’t have any gay friends or connections with the queer community in Chicago. I was curious to meet folks like myself and learn from them. I attended the first ritual of the Brotherhood of the Phoenix at the end of 2004 and have been involved ever since.

What does being a member mean to you?

Being a member of the Fellowship is an opportunity to engage with the spirits and community of the fellowship more deeply. But more than that, it’s an opportunity for me to serve and continue building that community. It’s a deep wish of mine that every queer person has the opportunity to explore themselves, their identity, and their spirituality. As a member I try to create space for everyone to have the transformative experiences that I’ve been lucky enough to discover on my own journey.

Describe the Fellowship in your own words.

I’m an animist. At the core, I believe that things have their own spirit, their own identity. The Fellowship is alive. It grows, changes, and shifts. Its animating purpose is transformation. As we grow and change, so to does the Fellowship. We seek transformation for ourselves, our communities, our societies. The Fellowship grows and changes as we do, and it is there to support us through those changes.

Please note that Seattle's Ecstasis ritual, scheduled for 10/1/22, has been cancelled due to a problem with the event space. We apologize for the inconvenience.